Decent Exposure Authors - Jessica Rey & Leah Darrow

Jessica Rey



Jessica is a business owner, fashion designer, actress, wife, and mother of three. Formerly the White Power Ranger on Disney’s Power Rangers Wild Force, she is experienced in using her ninja skills to fight the good fight. Among her favorite things in life are karaoke, making her kids laugh, and anything to do with salted caramel. Her dream is to one day move to Italy with her hubby, where they will eat pasta and gelato all day long and watch the sun set over the Amalfi Coast.

Leah Darrow



Leah is an international speaker, writer, wife to a US Army Green Beret, and mom to one marvelous little girl. As a former model and contestant on America’s Next Top Model, Leah has a driving passion to explore fashion’s ability to empower women and highlight their irreplaceable worth. Besides kayaking with orcas with her hubby, nothing is more exciting to her than helping women discover their true beauty and goodness. Her dream is to one day own a farm with lots of animals and apple trees, enjoying it all from her front porch swing.